A great read for a world in lockdown

New Yorkers: A Feisty People Who Will Unsettle, Madden, Amuse and Astonish You

A quirky memoir by a longtime resident who loves his crazy but profoundly creative city, with glances at that city’s fascinating history, and weird facts to surprise visitors and residents alike. A fun book, with a few grim moments. 


Readers will learn:

  • How New Yorkers live and die
  • Whose funeral caused an all-day riot
  • Why a famous old cemetery offers whiskey tastings
  • How many witches there are in the city (you’d be surprised)
  • Which flashy modern hotel would-be suicides should avoid at all costs, and why
  • How the author had an affair with a Broadway chorus boy (if the Cardinal Archbishop of New York could do it, so could he).

For those who love (or hate) New York, have lived there or would like to, or are just plain curious about the city and its residents, past and present.


A tantalizing vision

“A fascinating insider’s tour of New York. Part biography, part historical dive, and part travel guide, this work offers a tantalizing vision of an exciting city overflowing with diversity.”
— Bestsellersworld review by Lisa Brown-Gilbert

Modern master work

“A loving and modern master work on the Big Apple. I’d highly recommend New Yorkers to any reader seeking an accomplished written snapshot of such a complex and wonderful city.”
— Five-Star Readers’ Favorite review by K.C. Finn